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  • The Wovinator commented on darbinorvar's instructable Steps for Using a Bandsaw1 year ago
    Steps for Using a Bandsaw

    Really great guide on using a bandsaw, thanks. This will definitely be useful for me to keep handy for when my new band saw arrives. I've been researching trying to decide what to get - these suggestions and these suggestions look pretty good. I'm definitely close to arriving at a decision.

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  • The Wovinator commented on Creativeman's instructable How to Make Mulch Rings/Mats2 years ago
    How to Make Mulch Rings/Mats

    Very late to the party here. Reading some of the comments here makes me leery, but this looks interesting and I'd like try it for the trees on my property. I was just reading an article on Carve Your Creation about landscaping around trees and this serves as a nice little addition. Thanks for the idea.

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  • The Wovinator commented on Joshbuilds's instructable DIY Styrofoam Catamaran2 years ago
    DIY Styrofoam Catamaran

    Awesome little catamaran. I've probably going to build this for fun. My dream boat is a catamaran (not quite as small as this) but I've been having a hard time finding the right plans. I came across a package online that, according to this guy ( is supposed to provide hundreds of blueprints and how-to resources for boatbuilding. Hm, I'll have to do some more research in the meantime. Thanks for the content!

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