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  • High Voltage Power Supply For Marx Generator

    Hello, I built this power supply for my marx generator, but it only sparked every thirty seconds. On adding another stage {two capacitors} it sparked every twenty or so seconds, over a spark gap of a couple of millimeters. I then added two capacitors rated for 4KV, and it sparked every twenty seconds, with much brighter sparks. I connected it to my marx generator and my marx generator sparked every four or five seconds over a maximum spark gap of about half a centimeter to one centimeter. The voltage is onvuiously not enough. Could someone please tell me how to make this multiplier spark more frequently? Thank you.

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  • Build a simple Marx Generator

    Hello PLasmana, thank you for the instructable! My Marx generator is pictured below. I built your power supply, but it sparked only every thirty seconds, so I was forced to find another power source for the generator. The mosquito bat pictured outputs about 2.5 kilovolts.. Also, I bought variable resistors by mistake instead of the normal ones. They work fine, though.

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