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I have my B.S. in environmental science but I'm an artist at heart. I am always thinking of new projects to pick up and things to create. I'm working on turning my passion for making things and sustainability into some sort of awesome career hybrid...I'd love to hear if any of you have managed to do the same. :)


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  • TheRemy500 commented on TheRemy500's instructable The Maitlands!2 years ago
    The Maitlands!

    Thank you so much, looks like you're off to a great start! I also smoothed my model magic out with water and I filled in any cracks with a "loose" plaster of paris mixture. Then I sanded it a little to smooth it even more. Basically though to get the mask super smooth I made sure to really smooth out every piece of plaster wrap that I used. The little hole in the netting will completely fill in if you make sure to wet all the plaster on the sheet. My advice for the next mask if to try and make sure your newspaper and tape base is as flat as it can be. I used extra layers of tape to smooth out any wrinkles, because it will be the base for the rest of the layers, and if its wrinkly then everything will look a little wrinkly.Hope that helped! :) Good luck!

    Oh my gosh, I know this completely doesn't matter anymore but I didn't see this comment last year and I want to respond still! For the teeth I just baked them according to the directions on the package. :)Sorry again!

    Thank you! I didn't have any problems with the model magic sticking to the plaster, but I did use a lot of water to smooth out the edges and then sealed them with a little water mixed with white glue, I believe. It was so long ago i'm trying to recall exactly how I did it! lol Hope that helps!

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