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  • Theo kane commented on Random_Canadian's instructable Dremel Repair

    Continuation: As I said, I get current going through from the variable switch to the outer core of the motor, but it doesn't work. How do I check if it is the outer core of the motor, or the inner core of the rotating part of the motor that its faulty? Thanks for any replay gentsTheo

    Hi there, My dremel 3000 stopped working. I've switched, worked for a few seconds and stopped. Checked the fuse, the brushes, are fine. Opened and checked for current continuity, I have current going though, from the circuit board to the variable switch and also I get current from the two of the four probes going through to the element. What do you thing the problem might be? How do I check the element if it works and how do I troubleshoot any further problem areas. I hope I am making my self clear, though my knowledge of electrical and electronics is very basic.

    Sorry gents, I meant "reply".

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