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  • ThomasG187 commented on Davethebrave298's instructable Ring Out of Old Piano String2 years ago
    Ring Out of Old Piano String

    I would solder across the braid, figure my length, and solder across the braid there. Then I would cut in the centers of my solder joints, and connect the two soldered ends together. If that makes sense. I made one for my wife, but she has misplaced it. If we can find it, I'll post a picture of it. :)

    Great instructable! I've used guitar strings to make several rings, but I love how you flattened yours out. I take 3 pieces of string, clamp one end in a vise, and braid them together. It's been a while since I've made one, but now I want to make one like yours!

    Probably search for "piano strings". If you have a local music store, or even better a piano repair shop, you might check there. Another idea would be to call a piano tuner and ask if they have any old strings. A new set of acoustic guitar strings will work as well. Hope this helps!

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  • ThomasG187 commented on Meglymoo87's instructable 18 Unusual Uses for School Glue2 years ago
    18 Unusual Uses for School Glue

    I use CA glue on cuts all the time. I'm a waterjet operator, and we cut a lot of 0.012" aluminum. I end up with "paper cuts" all over my hands. Most Band-Aids won't stick, and they just swell up with nasty water if they do. CA glue sticks and makes a great barrier to protect against infection.As a guitar player, I use it when excessive practicing, or the water @ work takes off my callouses. Makes great temporary callouses!Thanks for sharing! I'm pretty hardcore about my glues and tapes, so I had to check this out. CA is probably my favorite, but my wife introduced me to e6000, and let's not forget hot glue. As for tapes, double sided is my favorite, with electrical tape coming in at a close second. :)

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  • How I destroyed our dinning table.

    somebody made a killing off these tables. We had the same table when I was growing up, (my mother still has it), my best friend in high school had the same table, (the middle insert was destroyed when he threw a burning dish towel on it), and my wife's parents have one too!

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  • ThomasG187 commented on mxx's instructable Folded horn passive phone speaker2 years ago
    Folded horn passive phone speaker

    I actually had the pleasure of reverse engineering a 10" bose PA sub woofer for a friend several years back. From memory, it seems like it was approximately 12" W x 24" H x 24" D. On the inside, it looked nearly identical to mxx's design.I'm going to build one of these for my wife. I have a couple of tweaks in mind that I may experiment with, but I have a feeling that it is going to be difficult to improve on the original design. I like the charger slot some have added. Great job and great tutorial mxx! Thanks for sharing!

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