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  • Simple Wooden Key Holder // How To Make

    Excellent! The slight upward bevel with the center kerf cut is ingenious! I made one modification. Mounted a 3/8", 45 deg V chamfer bit in the router table, and adjusted the fence to take approx 1/16" (maybe a hair more) down the center of the entire kerf. Makes for insertion of the key tip a bit easier, and the bevel still holds them in securely! Simple, thoughtful, easy design and build-thanks!

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  • Turning a Trashed Mobile Home into a Shop

    A lot of time, effort, and $$$, but an awesome learning experience! You may (or may not) have been able to build a workshop ground up, but I admire your tenacity. And I feel your pain-my home state (WY) winters are cold, MT is colder, and if you're only 90 mi from ND, you really know cold! Very interesting read, and really liked your reclamation/reuse/recycling. Well done sir!

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