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  • Garbage Bag + Rice Cooker = Alcohol Still

    No, in fact, for best ethanol distilling, you want to start at a much lower temperature first, so you can capture the heads separately from the final product. The heads of any fermented mash will contain products not safe for human consumption(methanol, et. al.), but all of them distill at a much lower temperature than ethanol. This means they come out first if you distill with a gradual increase in temperature. Starting too hot will cause you to get the heads and the main product all at once, much too quickly. Also, you'll start getting the tailings that much sooner, which are always weaker, as they begin to contain more water as the temperature passes 176 degrees.

    It's probably worth noting that he's starting with a product which could not contain methanol(rice wine specifically intended for human consumption), so what he's doing is perfectly safe, even if he ends up running the still far too long.It's a good point though, and anyone making their own mash at home should be wary of trying any such condenser/capture container combination such as this. You will capture methanol in your product, and you will injure yourself or others.

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