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  • ToGrin commented on makendo's instructable DIY Laminate Countertops1 year ago
    DIY Laminate Countertops

    Nice job! It's amazing how much you can save on a kitchen remodel by doing this type of work yourself. A suggestion for those looking to others looking to laminate their own countertops is to use manufactured 3D edging. The stuff I used was from Wilsonart and comes in a 1/2" thick beveled or crescent shape, that matches the color and texture of the laminate. I chose the crescent because it looks like the edges commonly used on granite. Installing it involves routing a 1/4" wide groove around the edge of the counter to accept a tongue on the back of the edging. The edging is then simply glued on with Titebond, or other similar water resistant glue and held in place with tape to dry. Here is mine:

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  • ToGrin commented on Phil B's instructable Make Center Drilling of a Rod Easy3 years ago
    Make Center Drilling of a Rod Easy

    Length doesn't matter Phil. If you spin the rod against a stationary drill, the drill will self center throughout the drilling process. Give it a try, I have. In fact, I'm about to drill a .22" diameter hole through a 24" long rod for a rifle I'm building. The only difference is that I've using a hollow gun drill to force coolant into the hole for lubrication and chip removal.

    Are you familiar with the principle of gun drilling? It's a process of drilling deep, concentric holes where the drill is stationary and the work rotates. This makes the drill self center in the work, which is a real plus for a gun barrel. :) Try holding your drill in the vise and the 3/8 rod in the cordless drill. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how well it works.

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