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  • Building a Daft Punk helmet with programmable LED display

    Although since LED strips are surface mount (or in otherwords instead of the lights being dome shaped they would be more flat) you would not get exactly the same look, but it would still look good as well as the fact that you could get an RGB strip (a led strip with red, green, and blue LEDs in each diode) and have a multi colored display.

    Having a kit this specialized would be pretty expensive, I would advise just getting a couple of addressable LED light strips and cutting them to the correct length and using an arduino board or something similar to control them.You would still have to solder stuff but it would not take nearly as long and finding someone to help you program it will not be hard, it would only take me about 5 minutes to write a program to control such a display with simple animations or text.

    You could probably use surface mount LED's to put them right up against the visor so that no light goes back into the helmet if you wanted to see at night, however you would not get the same domed LED look.

    There appears to be gaps between the LED's and since the visor is transparent it allows you to see through it in brightly illuminated areas, however as the article mentions if the LED's are turned on in a dark area you wont be able to see at all.

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