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  • Multi-Function Walking Stick II  - Storage Compartment

    *The first paragraph refers to the bottom section

    So how do I assemble it? I put the pipe on, the couplings, and then the stub out? Is the stub out there just for the point or does it make up the entire bottom metal section? And does the top include a stub out as well or just a copper pipe, couplings, and cap?

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  • ToriH commented on brucedamoose16's instructable Dumpster Diving: The Right Way2 years ago
    Dumpster Diving: The Right Way

    You forgot to add to the packing list First Aid kit and a Duffle Bag or roomy backpack. Try not to use a black duffle bag 'cause that looks suspicious. I also recommend bringing steel toed shoes, heavily stitched jeans (like, for factory workers), and heavy duty gloves.You never know what can happen and what you will find.

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