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  • TrevorW42 commented on flashular's instructable Raspberry Pi as a DMX light controller3 years ago
    Raspberry Pi as a DMX light controller

    Well done mate! You've done a great job.I've been playing with the PI for a few years, but my knowledge is still pretty limited. Have you any idea how I go about making this kind of thing work with a different usb to dmx adaptor. My hope was that 'under-the-hood' mine would be the same as the velleman one, but when I execute the daemon I get an error about USB device not found. I guess it can't be that complicated! I feel up for a challenge!Well done. Amazed more people haven't done this. My application is basically for static LED architectural lighting in our church building, without having a lighting desk that fingers can twiddle! Then when we have events I can use a full desk or PC (freestyler) for more ambitious lighting (chases etc).

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