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  • Turlingo Art followed MikaelaHolmes2 years ago
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  • How to Renew Dried Out Sculpey Cheaply

    Ok, now that I'm verified here goes with my third attempt at a comment on rehydrating my dried out Sculpey. It worked and your idea saved my hands!Hope to add images of what we've been op to when we figure out how to upload and drag...hope to post more and to learn from this online community.Btw...does anyone protect their Sculpey art with epoxy? If so, why does it separate upon drying? Is it because of the oils on my hands?Turlingo Art?

    will the Sculpey, once baked be able to receive the two part epoxy? As I wrote earlier I have trouble with it separating even now????

    it worked, thanks so much. Turning Art, 2017

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