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  • VilleV1 followed madshobye3 years ago
  • Turn your Arduino into a 4 voice wavetable synth with only a few components...

    I made this couple of days ago, and love it! Such beefy low end :) . I'm trying to implement velocity sensitivity, but I'm kinda stuck. I passed midi_2nd from midi parser to synth like soedgar.mTrigger(voice,parser.midi_1st,parser.midi_2nd);Then modified mTrigger function in synth.h:void mTrigger(unsigned char voice,unsigned char MIDInote, unsigned char velocity) { PITCH[voice]=pgm_read_word(&PITCHS[MIDInote]);EPCW[voice]=0;AMP[voice]=velocity*2;FTW[divider] = PITCH[voice] + (int) (((PITCH[voice]>>6)*(EPCW[voice]>>6))/128)*MOD[voice]; }It compiles fine, but doesn't change anything. Any suggestions?

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