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  • It's Possible to Use the Angle Grinder As a Chainsaw

    k. So What ? Go Back to Mepos or Crete......Or Somewhere

    It is a Stupid Idea......Pure and Simple.....Such as Yourself !

    @ Krynos......Like Krylon ? Go Home to Greece, you Haplass FTard !

    If personal Injury is in Your Repitiore......Then By All Means.....make it, then Cut Yourself to Smithereens ! LOL VJVMD

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  • It's Possible to Use the Angle Grinder As a Chainsaw

    This Channel Needs to Travel a Long Mile to Become You Tube. Fabrication, and Material Science can Carry you a Long Way...but this is Not Shop Class, Nor You Tube, so Folks......Put on Your Big Boy Pants, get a Grip, and Perform what is Both Realistic, and Practical. THANX VJVMD.

    It's Not Can You....the Question Remains.....Should You ?.....The Answer. NO, Not unless you happen to be Ship Wrecked, and Need a Chainsaw, yet all you have is a Grinder, and a Chain, From a REAL CHAINSAW Dipschit ! VJVMD

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  • VincentV37 commented on MakerIan's instructable Make Rochelle salt2 years ago
    Make Rochelle salt

    I will Give an Example. So that a Future Shark Tank Entrepenure(sp), will Apply, use or Steal it, then Patent it, License It, and Make a Several Million to a Billion on it {IT}. I was Kidding. I won't Tell You. Based On the Electro-physics........One Without a Name Should have Figured this Out Already......LOL VJVMD

    I Will Not Even Give you Guys a Hint. But, it is Brilliant. This is Why I Come to this Board, For Ideas. Then i Usually get Drunk, write them Down, and Forget about Them. This Time...Not So Much......Are We There Yet ?......Thought so. Peace & Good Night !

    What do you Do with it, Once Made ?.......I heard of One application in the Comments, Not Being Snarky. VJVMD

    Free Energy is Non-Existant. Regardless of the Chemistry Behind it. Know This, and Stay Thirsty My Friends ! LOL. In this Chemistry, One Must Have an appreciation Of Material Science, acquisition and Application of Pure and Applied Science. You Just Told Me All, i ever Needed to Know About This.....Thank you Very Much ! VJVMD

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  • Fireproof Carbon Foam from Pyrolysed Bread

    Some mornings i Wake up, then i Get Up....then i Light Myself on Fire ! The Emt's Arrive and take me to Hospital.....where they Tend to my Burn wounds, as i Read the Paper. This Happens more Often than i care for.....But's a Living ! LOL!

    It is Completely a "Kid's in the Hall/ Rant and Skit" But Still Funny many Years After the Fact !

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  • Amazing Homemade Pizza Dough

    I Can't Spell......But this has yet to Stop Me ! LOLO

    I Love seems Better Later.....Like an Hour or So.......But like a Maugwei.....Do Not feed me Chikin wings After Mid-Nite......Hillarious Results to follow !

    I Hate to Ruin anyone's Dreams of Awesome pie.....So Anyone Listening, ignore This ! Actually Frozen Pizza Crust works Great, but there are Variations. Using Biscuit Mix, Pancake Mix, and Cake Mix.....Believe it or Not ! However....Nothing Beats Homemade, as Long as it is Browned Before Final Product ! Next to the Dough, the Sauce is King.

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