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  • Waagzz followed Waagzz2 years ago
  • How to Make an RC Plane Using Packing Material (Thermocol)

    Coreflut is awsome for building light weight and cheap planes... I made a few and they fly great!

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  • Waagzz commented on tak145's instructable Foam RC Airplane2 years ago
    Foam RC Airplane

    core flute 3D plane ?

    just use plastic core flute... Any bottle shop or realestate place should have old signs they can give u for free.... I made a 3D plane and it flys amazing... 1000kv motor($5-$10) with 9x6 prop($1.50) , 30amp ESC($5-$10), 4 x 9g servos($2-$3each) and radio and reicever ($$$Sky's the limit)

    hot glue gun was only thing use to stick plane together... And zippy ties were used to make all the flaps.. It's been crashed multiple times and still flys awesomely ??

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