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  • Waldoorfian commented on c4l3b's instructable Easy Giant LED Backlit Moon 3 months ago
    Easy Giant LED Backlit Moon

    Awesome simple project. I woukd be nice if you shared more info on the LED light strip of choice. How is it powered? How did you hide the controller thingy? Is there a power cord or battery?

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  • Wooden AT-AT Walker (handmade with common tools!)

    I saw a different step 17 before that showed the legs assembled and attached to the hips. It was labeled as in-process assembly or something like that.

    I'm in the process of making one of these but I noticed that step 17 had "in process photos" of the leg to undercarriage assembly. They seem to be gone now. Did you update them out of the article?

    Thank-you for responding. I'm wondering about the pins on the hip pieces between the bolts. You don't really explsin about that much. What are they for?

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