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    • Portable Powered Laptop Case
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  • Walkonpb commented on Walkonpb's instructable Portable Powered Laptop Case2 years ago
    Portable Powered Laptop Case

    That it could. I used the 12v 9ah batteries as they are universal with the rest of my systems.My other cases use them plus my car has duel battery banks independent of each other all using the same battery and with my solar grid on my car plus utility mobility scooter all using the same batteries, and can swap at will for recharging and such.

    The nice thing about the case is that it is adaptable to many needs.I took the case on a weekend trip with no power available, the case powered the laptop for about 5hrs, charged cell phones, tablets, and duel 20watt speakers the whole trip and still has power to spare.

    Im not a big fan of essentially car power supplies for computers.I do use the case to power my soldering/glue gun and other stuff. I may do a dc-dc converter type system with an inverter on a larger power pack case.I appreciate the input.

    Upper right is a positive power fuse block where all the positive wires connect.Lower right is a negative bar where all the negative wires connect. Essentially its 2 separate connection points to keep all the negative wires connected to one place and all positive wires connected to another place.

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