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  • Good luck finding the tree rings, I had to give up the search. Decided on building my own with materials I could find

    Well, I was unable to find the tree rings. I went to or called every place within a 100 mile radius of where I lived here in WNY. This is what I can up with instead. I exchanged out the the 14" weber grill for a larger one, was just too small.

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  • I feel your pain, see my message from 3 days ago. So, I went to my local Home Depot over the weekend and asked about these. I was told that basically Home Depot has moved to selling DYI fire pit projects, as they are becoming more profitable. I asked if they could order the tree rings and have delivered to my store, and was told they can't get them. :-(

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  • Would love to make it, family all loves this on out of all the DYI fire pits, but can't find the tree rings anywhere. I live in Western New York. Any idea where I can get these tree rings? #frustrated

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