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  • Willy Keith commented on amalkhan's instructable How to Measure Things without a Ruler3 years ago
    How to Measure Things without a Ruler

    I'm insulted by the idea of being illiterate. Everybody Knows! Everyone who has been educated and attended school and graduated. To Identify One Inch: First, you will take a perfect circle and make a center in it. Or use a compass rose and draw a circle. The bigger the circle the more accurate the one inch will be. However, when using the compass rose circle, no matter how big the circle is; one inch will always equal one inch! I'm not going to reveal the buisiness secrets to the compass rose, which in mapping is used to mark one inch to begin with. It's just a big picture of reading I don't want to do, or use when I want the answers now, without uelling ad screaming and acting like a mad scientist! Good Day, and Bidd Well!

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