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  • Add Ethernet to any Arduino project for less than 10$

    The module itself has some programmability I wonder if anyone has considered adding enough code to the module to switch it back and froth from 10mb to 100mb, This would be a VERY handy tool for a network tech to locate which switch port a given network jeck is connected to... given wall jack is connected to...

    Since the ethernet module itself has some programmability I can see it being an invaluable tool for a network technician... Maybe someone could write a snippet of code to blink the LEDs on a network switch in a user defined pattern (just in case several were in use at once)... a pattern different than normal network traffic (maybe blink the 10-100 LED)... then the tech could plug this into a network wall jack and then find the blinking switch port... power it with three AA cells...Picture a building with 4 jacks per cubicle, 400 cubicles per floor, and 18 floors... now find the switch port for jack #3 in cubicle 307 on the 11th floor.... Yes, a consistent wiring pattern can find the patch panel, but then there is the tangle of patch cords. I'd pay $50 for this in a heartbeat!

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