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  • ZatriX_ZA made the instructable Cardboard Cryptex Safe!2 years ago
    Cardboard Cryptex Safe!

    I'm not very hands on when it comes to DIY, but I seriously needed to make this for my Dungeons and Dragons campaign. So made it as per the project, scept used a tin foil tube - it's longer and sturdier than TP roll and makes for a longer cryptex. Coated it with spraypaint and printed out letters and ornaments on self-adhesive paper. As you can see, on some of the rings I failed to keep consistent width, hence the warping of paper. Next one will hopefully come out a lot better, since I know what snags to look out for.

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  • ZatriX_ZA made the instructable Making a Formboard Dice Tower2 years ago
    Making a Formboard Dice Tower

    Yay, my 1st DIY project! I'm not a very hands-on guy, so just printed the decorations on self-sticking paper.

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