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  • Thank you for a great project. I cannot press the "I made it" as my transformer is not ready yet. I used free Fritzing to put everything on breadboard. It helps me to visualize the connection and connect everything properly.In my version, I used ds18b20 One Wire Digital Temperature Sensor and its libraries and removed the math.h. I used the HD44780 LCD, as that was what I've got.I also made slight changes to the code. I put a While loop when the weld button is pressed so I do not accidentally keep pressing the weld in the same place. The loop checks if the button is pressed and if it is, waits for it to be released after which it tests for temerature and if everything is OK the weld can be pressed again.

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  • Anyone has an app for this hack? I cannot find it on Google Play. Or a replacement...

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  • Zinci commented on silentbogo's instructable DIY Soldering Station

    Hi,Looks good but without firmware (in whatever stage that is) no one can even test it and well, maybe help in advancing the project. It would be nice and helpful if you release the firmware in the present state, even if it is full of errors or bugs. Just my opinion. And I for one would be grateful if you do release it.Thanks.

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