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  • agdobias commented on SpecificLove's instructable Survival Whistle from a Soup Can1 year ago
    Survival Whistle from a Soup Can

    Maybe for today's kids. We used to make a whistle when we were screwing around in the rail yards out of the strapping material (It looked like linked razor blades). I remember that it would be an incredibly shrill whistle...But in retrospect, I suppose that kids shouldn't have been playing in a train yard...Great Instructable though!

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  • agdobias commented on Nick70587's instructable Home Defense Mace1 year ago
    Home Defense Mace

    If you make another one, don't make the points so sharp or long. The purpose of a mace is damage by concussion/crushing. With the points as long and sharp as they are, you stand a very good chance of the mace getting stuck.

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  • agdobias commented on Meglymoo87's instructable 40+ Hacks for YOU (the Urban Gardener)2 years ago
    40+ Hacks for YOU (the Urban Gardener)

    It's actually not the bugs causing the heat, but rather the plant matter that you're putting in your composter. Compost heat is produced as a by-product of the microbial breakdown of organic material. The heat production depends on the size of the pile, its moisture content, aeration, and C/N ratio. Additionally, ambient (indoor or outdoor) temperature affects compost temperatures.Sooooo, the more you turn your compost, the quicker it breaks down, and the sooner you can use it in your garden...And your worms will thank you!

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