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  • akrshyam commented on mtairymd's instructable Air Trajectory for Science Olympiad 3 years ago
    Air Trajectory for Science Olympiad

    My partner and I have made it to states and got 6th place in air trajectory in regionals, but it wasn't very consistent. Your bottle shape didn't change at all when the weight dropped. Could you explain the steps and materials to attach the bottle to the pvc pipe instead of using tape.

    How did you connect the bottle to the pvc pipe

    If we try to blow into the pvc pipe after the soda bottle has a dent, it doesn't return to regular shape, and after a while there are many dents and it alters the results, and makes the distances very different. By upto 53 cm(which was happened in the competition, but luckily the next shot was only 11.9 cm away, but we had to increase the wood height by an inch).

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