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  • andy.engel commented on vina1991's instructable DIY AUTOMATIC SOLAR CHARGE CONTROLLER1 year ago

    The voltage limits you describe are not ideal for a lead acid battery... The term '12 volt battery' is misleading to the layman as a fully charged lead acid battery will actually read 12.7 - 12.8 volts (resting with no surface charge) depending on specific type and temperature. A lead acid battery reading 12.0 volts is actually about 50 percent discharged. More ideal settings for a flooded cell S & L battery would be cut out at 14.4 and cut in at 13.0 - 13.2 or so...

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  • How to recover components from old or broken electronics without a soldering iron!

    Another easy way to remove parts is to heat the solder side of the board with a torch until the solder is obviously melted. Then smartly smack the board down onto a piece of stucco mesh. This will knock off the melted solder making it east to free the component wires from underneath the board and then remove them. Needed is a large propane torch and a piece of one foot square stucco mesh which should be placed on a concrete slab or floor prior to usage. Safety gear required as per usual. The problem with the heat gun method is that is takes significantly longer to heat the solder which allows more time for damaging heat to conduct to the components via their wires.

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