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  • arnold.walker.77 commented on lmu34's instructable Hoverboard Lawn Mower (Hovermower?)8 months ago
    Hoverboard Lawn Mower (Hovermower?)

    For a second there ,I thought you was talking something that the golf course ground crews used before we had weedeaters. A FlyMow that had no wheels at all..but hovered.We used them around lakes and all kinds of places trimming.You had a 2stroke engine and light mower housing like a Lawnboy.But the center 2/3 of the blade areas was fan disk.It wasn't as pretty a cut as our reel mowers,but alot easier to "mow" and dry the greens,in open areas.Than a weedeater and leafblower.We have since gone to sandbagged helicopters and tractor powered leafblowers for the drying during tournaments.And weedeater were cheaper than the FlyMow.Running something like Shakespeare blades in the rough.

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  • Easy Generator to Home Hook Up

    Well said, I favor DC invertor generator because I use steam from my hobby work.You have a better chance of using what fuel is burnable and can throttle according to load.Instead of running at freg. for the generator head.I am setup diesel,ng,and biomass on my boiler.When a emergency hits you want as many options as possible.(It also saves on your electric bill to "co generate" during heavy loads.)

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  • How to build a foam teardrop trailer. rot proof, well insulated and super lightweight

    I have been looking around E trailer, among others, for a multi purpose trailer.Thier is the 420lbs Go Aero Little Giant that can be changed up from standard utility to a little bit of anything including popup Camper(1500lbs. load cap.) for the Hot Rod bike pictured in my profile...I upgrade Elio's to better than Paul offers .The guy is a tough act to follow 1200pound motorcycle rigged like a fully loaded car gets 84mpg with a topend of 107mph.For the most part I do tow packages and a Adam'sNuke wasteheat recovery turbine for 100+mpg,3x horsepower,and 139mph topend. You got something that could work with my Hot Rods.

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