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  • ballardbk commented on ahmedebeed555's instructable Charge Your Phone From Wind2 months ago
    Charge Your Phone From Wind

    I think you are missing the link to see how to make the wind turbine you made. Otherwise, great instructable.

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  • ballardbk commented on Simon Beggs Wood Turning's instructable Amorite (power Carving) 7 months ago
    Amorite (power Carving)

    Great work, just a small correction. These are replica ammonite fossils, not amorites. There is a big difference in meaning.

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  • ballardbk commented on focamonca's instructable Electricity From Fire10 months ago
    Electricity From Fire

    For a setup that size, you'll need to either use 2 peltier cells in series to increase the voltage, or you need to use a dc step-up converter to go from the approximately 3 volts to the 5 volts needed for USB charging. These step up converters can be found on Amazon for a couple of dollars, or cheaper on ebay if you want to wait for shipping from overseas. This could then be used to charge your phone directly, depending upon the milliamps produced it might be a slow charge for the phone. You might consider using a step-up converter, connected then to either a commercially available USB chargeable battery bank for recharging cell phones, or make your own battery bank charging system for the phone. Good instructable, great work, and good luck!

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  • GIF Player Out of Paper - IPhone Live Photos in Paper

    The actual name for this device is a Mutoscope. Nice work.

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