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  • FindyBot3000 - a Voice Controlled Organizer

    Wow! Have read Cory Doctorow's 2009 book "Makers"? He describes a similar device that one of his heroes builds. I bet that he would find your Instructable quite amusing!

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  • Portable Bluetooth + WiFi Speaker Build (FREE PLANS)

    Do you know if the amp can be modified to accept a mono input?

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  • barking_spider commented on briggs108's instructable Teardrop Trailer Tiny Home11 months ago
    Teardrop Trailer Tiny Home

    Oddly enough, it really doesn't. Ask any Airstream owner, aluminum skin gets mondo hot! Think about it- you can pick up a log that has the other end on fire, but a hot pan stays untouchable once any heat has been applied to it. Painting it with aerospace ceramic white paint is the coolest way to go, but then the trailer wouldn't look so nice.

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  • How to Restore an Old Wheelbarrow

    Don't forget that your nice, shiny wheelbarrow has another use! If you set the wheelbarrow down on the handles and feet, so that it's doing a Wheelie, it makes for a fine lounge chair to rest after your mighty labors! :)

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  • barking_spider commented on Waldemar Sha's instructable How to Make Acoustic Pannels1 year ago
    How to Make Acoustic Pannels

    Now you've got me wondering how to get shop supplies with Cyrillic lettering on them! My helpers and guests would flip out over that ! :) Here in the USA, we have sound board, which is a sort-of cellulose product that isn't as nasty as using rock wool. Maybe you could find that?Also, to amplify on the woodworking definitions, a dado is a slot that typically goes across the grain (or short axis)- you would cut a dado into a 1X12 to mount a shelf. A trench-like cut is simply a groove, as in tongue-and-groove flooring.

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  • How to Disassemble a Pallet Efficiently

    Yep, USA pallets seem to uniformly use ring-shank nails into that nasty old oak. Even if the rest of the pallet is falling apart, the nails are in so tight that it's even hard to get a sawzall blade in between! I typically cut all of the pallet boards at the end cross-pieces, then twist and pull them around to be able to get a pry bar in between the boards.

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  • How Make a Flattening Jig for a Router

    If you used plywood ripped into strips instead of 2X4s for the strongbacks, you wouldn't have to worry about finding perfectly straight ones. I live in a humid climate, and have brought home wood I thought was straight, only to find it very warped a couple of weeks later. Or maybe it was those shots of tequila that I did to calm my nerves... :) My workbench is getting pretty crufty and dinged up, looks to be a good way to get it true again.

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  • barking_spider commented on snotty's instructable How to Copy Complex Curves!2 years ago
    How to Copy Complex Curves!

    Something to remember- the contour gauge described here has to move at right angles to the project. If there is any undercut, the gauge can't see it. Also, as the curve starts to wrap around to the side, the contour gauge become less and less accurate. There are other methods, like using a compass to scribe a curve, or the tick/joggle stick method that seem to me to be more useful. I'm rebuilding the inside of an Airstream trailer, so copying curves is something that I'm doing way too much!

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  • barking_spider commented on jonsarriugarte's instructable BBQ conversion to Gas3 years ago
    BBQ conversion to Gas

    I went to Home Depot to get the propane BBQ parts, but the replacement burner has a slip fitting for the needle valve to fit into. Is there some sort of part to adapt from 3/8" flare to the slip fitting?

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