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  • basmeyer commented on art_tech's instructable Arduino-controlled DIY Coffee Roaster6 weeks ago
    Arduino-controlled DIY Coffee Roaster

    Highly interested making this, wow! I wonder how it is when the outlet is not hosed to to outside, smell wise inside the kitchen. Perhaps the stove vent can cope to keep the fumes acceptable?

    Thanks for sharing this experience as well! Now I have a much better idea about the roasting process this way, and for sure a chaff fountain is something to avoid in our house as well. I do not have a possibility to route the exhaust outside but in the shed I have plenty of opportunities, so this will become the roasting spot.It is joyful to read about your thoroughness with this project. Cannot wait to taste the result some time when I finished my (our) roaster.

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  • basmeyer commented on fretters's instructable Computer Drawer6 months ago
    Computer Drawer

    Great looking project!The only thing I am worried about is the harddrives. They should better not be moved when spinning at all times and could die when operating the drawer, especially when it is moved too quickly or bumping against its ends.The SSD drives do not have moving parts inside and cannot be damaged this way.

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