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  • bbkong commented on Robin Lewis's instructable How to Make a Concrete Countertop3 years ago
    How to Make a Concrete Countertop

    Hi Teresa!In my meager experience molding concrete I've learned that concrete die comes in two flavors, very fine powder or syrupy liquid. Both require more than usual mixing to get the color consistent. To get a marbled finish I had to mix 2 batches (one colored) and pour them right after each other and gently stir it just a little bit with a nail. I haven't had much luck with it but the stuff I mold is pretty small, 1" or so. I haven't tried this on something the size of a paver yet but that would be my next step so I could get some experience with it before I committed to a counter top. For my .02 I think I would mix the batch a little on the wet side too. The bubbles come out a lot easier. I also use a palm sander to vibrate the table since it only takes about a minute.

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