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  • Thanks, Riller, for your quick reply, and your advice, and your further recommendation of the Tuft & Needle. As you know, buying a king size bed, or any bed, is a big decision. Really helps to have real input for reviews. Think we'll go ahead and get that one. The price is sure better than most others!

    Thanks for the design and instructions. I did one for a queen size mattress several years ago using 2x4's and 1x4's, and it was great. I know I will need more support for a king (also thinking of getting the Tuft & Needle king foam).I need it to be lower though, so I don't have to climb up onto the bed, so I'll cut the legs down to 10", so the top of the mattress will be just over 20". I'm wondering if I'd be ok using 2x4's for the framing, to make it a tad lighter, and mostly to still leave enough clearance for some under-bed storage than I'd get with 2x6 framing, and at that shorter height. What do you think, please?Thanks... Bill

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