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  • billfarr commented on makjosher's instructable How to Solder Copper Pipe1 year ago
    How to Solder Copper Pipe

    I always wrap a wet cloth around the longer pipe (about 2 in from the joint) as a heat sink. this will make your joints look better and remember that whole pipe is HOT VERY HOT!! ( Yes voice of experience). Another tip for removing water from a pipe that you can't drain is use a soda straw in the pipe and blow the water out. The bendy straws work well when the pipe has an elbow in the wall. Hope this helps.. Another top

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  • billfarr commented on HomeRepairTutor 's instructable Soldering Quick Tips2 years ago
    Soldering Quick Tips

    No one seems to mention using a heat sink "simply a wet cloth wrapped around the pipe so that you are not trying to heat the whole pipe and wrap the just soldered joint so that you don't cause a leak when you solder the second side of the joint. This also makes the chances of an accidental burn by touching that REALLY hot pipe 8in from the joint. Remember that whole pipe will be HOT for longer than you expect. Yes I speak from experience.

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