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  • bobrosco commented on chuleto's instructable Portable Suitcase Boombox1 year ago
    Portable Suitcase Boombox

    seriously you guys talk about 6.5kg as if that is heavy? Thats not even half a bag of groceries. Time to go get some muscles or something then.(this comes from a guy that has never been to a gym)

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  • bobrosco commented on Pricklysauce's instructable Vehicle Key Safe1 year ago
    Vehicle Key Safe

    1 tap with a hammer and lot of the key to open locks are open. We even did that to our own padlocks on a boat when we lost the key. We even managed to do it on the wood wall next to the channel and then try and hit the lock with a rock, just broke it open. Thats why a disc type lock is much better, you cant really get to the shackle to cut it and you cant hit them open either. And try to get it in a spot where its not easy to get too so they cant even try it.

    copper is a bad idea, its so easy to cut with a simple saw, and you might even be able to just twist it off the lock.

    the key lives inside someones pocket most of its life. That means on a hot day its inside a sweaty pocket too, and they survive. I dont think it would be a big problem as long as you leave holes in the bottom like he did. That way it will never get filled up with water.

    and then some guy saw you putting it on your car, he walkes to it grabs it and drives off. And you insurance says well yeah no money for you mister, no keys no money.

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  • bobrosco commented on mikeasaurus's instructable Unusual Uses for Zip Ties2 years ago
    Unusual Uses for Zip Ties

    there are special cut off pliers that are not ground in to a double point like a knife, but only ground to a point from 1 side and the other side is flat. Those are flush cut, because you can put the flat side up to whatever you are cutting and cut flush with that edge. Those cutters also dont pinch the side that remains to a sharp point, they will leave a much flatter edge. But a special warning, you cant use those pliers for cutting metal, if you do they will bend the cutting edge and the pliers are ruined.(we had an inturn who did that to a brand new knipex, instant garbage)

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  • bobrosco commented on GreatScottLab's instructable DIY Portable Mini Monitor2 years ago
    DIY Portable Mini Monitor

    i can even buy an cheap 7 inch tablet for less then he bought that lcd for. I think archos had a 7 inch tablet on the market here in the 50-60 range. And that is including a pretty good battery and a built in charger and everything.

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