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  • bonnaw commented on 1stimevardobuilder's instructable Building a Ledge Vardo3 years ago
    Building a Ledge Vardo

    thank you . i am trying to build a 8'x10.5' vardo/gypsy wagon, but i need to insulate it and it needs to weigh no more than 1000 lbs, as i tow with my Subaru legacy wagon (raised up to be the height of an outback). the trailer is flatbed 6 1/2'x10 1/2'. I will be living in it in Vermont winters, while I babysit my grandson. so winterized it must be! i am thinking 4' walls with bow roof as it is lightweight. wondering about spray foaming the inside of the vinyl covered roof. again, light weight is the key/ any ideas? inspiration? instruction? thanks

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