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  • Getting More From Your Angle Grinder

    Thanks Tuomas.Did you manage to add the dimentions as you intended to? I missed them somehow.Please let me know.

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  • bothal3 commented on habolooby's instructable Hydraulic Ram Pump3 years ago
    Hydraulic Ram Pump

    Hallo Lehilty. Yes you can. The principle is base on the Ram pump which is a very old concept. I did not do a recent search but you should find the plans where a car outlet valve is implemented as the "switch". The ratio of lift is about for every 10' fall to power the pump you can gain about 100" lift.Unfortunately the model I am referring to has a fairly high % water "pass through" rate and is usually used next to rivers or where overflow is not a concern.You might be able to implement a "Pelton wheel" as well.I hope this helps.

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