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  • bruce.desertrat commented on tonyfoale's instructable CNC & Manual Touch Probe.7 weeks ago
    CNC & Manual Touch Probe.

    Why not just a rigid continuity probe? connect a wire to the stylus, bedded in Delrin (or even epoxy) in a suitable holder, with one wire connected to the circuit, connect ground to the workpiece (or the mill table) and detect when the circuit is completed. I'd think that would give the desired minimum pre-travel with most accurate location.

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  • More 3D Printed Gadgets for Woodworking

    A version of that bar gage is the first useful thing I ever made on my 3d printer and was a tool made kind of on the spot. I had to replace the diffuser panel in the fluorescent fixture above my kitchen sing and couldn't fit a tape measure into the space. Whipped it up and printed it in about 30 minutes.It takes a pair of ordinary takeout bamboo chopsticks. The rectangular back end fits in snugly (you may need to rim them a bit with an Xacto knife or razor blade) and the rounded part slides right through. Worked like a charm.Yours are MUCH nicer! There's several things here I could use. Thanks!

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  • bruce.desertrat commented on Johnny Wikk's instructable Bike Wall Mount, SUPER HANDY!3 months ago
     Bike Wall Mount, SUPER HANDY!

    Love it! Well done, it's nice to see a project that doesn't start "turn on your laser cutter and cnc router"! :-)

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  • "The Unsettling Machine": a Quick Junk-Art Sculpture for Beginners

    Love it, Call it the 'endless facepalm' and it pretty much describes modern times!

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  • bruce.desertrat commented on dustee1000's instructable AnglEase3 months ago

    I think his pictures on the mill were to demonstrate angles; it's a set-up tool only, analogous to angle plates or a sine bar.

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  • bruce.desertrat commented on stuffdone's instructable C-Mount Web Cam Mod3 months ago
    C-Mount Web Cam Mod

    I suspect using black ABS instead of white PVC would improve the image quality. I'm very interested in this; I' currently trying to keep a piece of 1990's gel imager alive in a lab where I work. The device has a really nice c-mount lens on it, and a CCD that only works with an antique frame grabber card that I can no longer find drivers for.This has given me a leg up on a solution! (and a first, getting PAID to follow an Instructable! :-)

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  • Homemade Fly Cutter - From Scrap Steel

    Nice instructable, it gives me confidence to try milling on mine. However, why not just shim up the headstock by 1 mm to fix the discrepancy? I'd think that would be simpler than milling down the tailstock, as that will be quite difficult to mount to keep it square during milling.

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  • bruce.desertrat commented on Nick70587's instructable Magnetic Laptop Mount4 months ago
    Magnetic Laptop Mount

    Any magnetic fields generated by these that get through the case to affect the drive will be several orders of magnitude less than the fields generated by the extremely powerful magnets inside the hard drive. I have magnets harvested from old SCSI server drives that will hold bout 50 sheets of paper to a refrigerator. There's no danger whatsoever of these magnets affecting data in the laptop. If the laptop has a spinning hard drive, the vastly greater danger is it being jostled around on a construction site!

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  • Stargate for Your Desktop - PCB Design

    You need to make the iris quick before the Goa'uld learn to send hamster-sized Jaffa guards through!Very cool. Voted for it!

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  • { FAKE ENTOMOLOGY } ! Cruelty-free !

    It would be fun to create such a display with entirely fictional 'creatures': small Pokemon figurines, plastic farm animals, a Hot Wheels car or two, 3d printed miniatures, etc in this style of the old Curiosity Cabinet, :-)This is a great clever idea.

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  • Low Cost Adjustable Rail 4x5 View Camera

    The November 1933 issue of Popular Mechanics has a nice article on making your own camera bellows. It's a little more (ok, ok, a LOT more :-) complex than yours, but it ends up being a 'proper' cloth bellows, which will probably last longer: an aside I heartily recommend spending some time perusing all those back issues; it's truly amazing to see what people were making with just hand tools, and just how often the wheel's been re-invented :-)

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  • bruce.desertrat commented on BadWolfProps's instructable Tardis Book or Movie Shelf8 months ago
    Tardis Book or Movie Shelf

    Oh this ABSOLUTELY needs to be turned onto a secret door to the next room, so it can really be 'bigger on the inside'! Cool build!

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  • bruce.desertrat commented on April Wilkerson's instructable Ultimate Mobile Clamp Rack8 months ago
    Ultimate Mobile Clamp Rack

    Heh, she practically has more workshop than I have HOUSE, let alone clams > tools! Mine is an old bicycle wheel lag-bolted to a rafter over my workbench.

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  • bruce.desertrat commented on liquidhandwash's instructable Robot Chicken Door11 months ago
    Robot Chicken Door

    Greatly disappointed...was expecting a door for a Robot Chicken :-D Seriously that's one seriously cool recycling hack; and bonus! When you want to move the chicken coop, all you have to do is hitch it to the tractor and tow it around...

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  • Leather Embossing With a 3D Printer!

    Might want to note (for the complete newbs in the audience) that you want the smooth side of the leather against the stamp...

    With sufficient infill there's no problem about plastic taking pretty enormous pressure on anyone who's ever stepped on a lego in the dark can attest :-)It doesn't really take a ton of pressure to emboss wet leather, This will last a long long time...and when it breaks, just spend an hour and print another one :-)See here (go to test 3 compression): PLA can take up to 77.4 MPa of force, on that test sample that translates to 11,000 psi.

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  • bruce.desertrat commented on mikeasaurus's instructable Rotating TV11 months ago
    Rotating TV

    American Science and Surplus has been selling motors like this forever; I think they have a whole warehouse full :-)

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  • bruce.desertrat commented on tomatoskins's instructable Perfect Wooden Sphere1 year ago
    Perfect Wooden Sphere

    I"ve seen tips about using a drill + hole saw: Very useful if you have a lot of identical ones to make.

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  • bruce.desertrat commented on Ryan110's instructable A Sociable Bicycle1 year ago
    A Sociable Bicycle

    That's neat, a recumbent side-by-side :-) Also no arguing over which way to go!

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  • bruce.desertrat commented on JonM19's instructable Concrete Countertop1 year ago
    Concrete Countertop

    Almost a mandatory tip for concrete countertop making is Fu-Tung Cheng's book (some would say 'bible' ;-) Concrete Countertops. It covers all the pitfalls you may run into (like :Hey these things are REALLY heavy...make sure you have enough people, and room for them to move to install it!")

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  • bruce.desertrat commented on DIY Andrea's instructable DIY Apothecary Cabinet 1 year ago
    DIY Apothecary Cabinet

    If you don't know how to cut dovetails before you start this, you will be an expert by the end! Beautiful work!

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  • Build Your Own Storage Shed!

    A big-box store like Lowes or Home Depot carries a variety of them.

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  • bruce.desertrat commented on -BALES-'s instructable The Pixel Art Puzzle1 year ago
    The Pixel Art Puzzle

    heads up: the Dog Walking Station link takes you to the instructable editor, not the public link.This is a really cool project!

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  • bruce.desertrat commented on JON-A-TRON's instructable Flip-Top CNC Table1 year ago
    Flip-Top CNC Table

    I agree, CNC machines, afaik, are happiest with a pretty rigid base; dropping it down enough to put in a drop-in table surface would make the whole assembly less fiddly and just as functional, IMO. Also, maybe just me, but 3DPrinter + Woodshop Environment + CNC == lots of sawdust inclusions in your printer parts ...

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  • bruce.desertrat commented on combiNATE's instructable Mid-Centruy Modern Chair1 year ago
    Mid-Centruy Modern Chair

    VERY nice looking!

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  • bruce.desertrat commented on Withered Perception's instructable DIY $5.00 Sandblaster1 year ago
    DIY $5.00 Sandblaster

    Hehehe I kove Banggood. They're so honest! From the description:"Durable, easy to damage, long service life."

    Cool 'ible. I could use the heck out of this...

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  • 'Shave Mouse' Aka Revisited Shave Horse

    Neat concept and I'll always applaud approaching things like 2000+ year-old-designs with a fresh eye!One of the reasons shaving horses are designed the way they are is you don't have to get up to change the position of the object being worked on. You simply let up with your legs, reposition the work right in front of you, and push again to clamp it.In your design you have to stand up to do that. A traditional design lets you sit down the whole time. Lazy always wins :-) Also a traditional design puts more clamping force on the object the harder you pull, because the natural inclination to use your legs to exert force. With this design you have to drink enough beer to put on more weight to increase the clamping force...a slow (if pleasurable) process!

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  • bruce.desertrat commented on mikeasaurus's instructable Sliced Wood Coasters1 year ago
    Sliced Wood Coasters

    Solution for that: lay in the epoxy or polyurethane to fill in the gaps before sanding (or before the router planing!); then sand through the finish over the wood: best of both worlds, you get a nice solid surface AND the natural wood look.

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  • bruce.desertrat commented on diymontreal's instructable Concrete Jack-O'-Lanterns1 year ago
    Concrete Jack-O'-Lanterns

    Neat! My first thought "That would piss off the javelinas!" local news just ran a story about a suburban neighborhood where they've learned not to stick out real pumpkin jack-o-lanterns, because the local javelinas find them to be a tasty tasty treat, and it's quite a trick when you open your front door and there's a pack of them eating away! (They're pig-like critters about 35-65 lbs and travel in bunches. They can be quite aggressive and they pack 3" fangs; not much messes with them.)

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  • Supereasy Cheap Pockethole Jig

    JörgenBörg explained how he made it, but if you're not nutso enough to grind a spinning drill bit with an angle grinder :-) yes they are usually available in a big-box hardware store that sells kreg parts. I also got one online for a few bucks a while back. Pure Chinesium, but it works in my 3-d printed version :-)

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  • bruce.desertrat commented on mikeasaurus's instructable Drill Press Drum Sander1 year ago
    Drill Press Drum Sander

    If you drill a hole in a piece of plywood slightly larger than your sander spindle, you can clamp that to your table and be able to sand the whole edge of whatever you're sanding.

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  • bruce.desertrat commented on Evansy-7's instructable Linnaeus Laptop Chair1 year ago
    Linnaeus Laptop Chair

    If you follow the link 'Click here for links' you can navigate to an english version of the build instructions.

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  • bruce.desertrat commented on FrontierShed's instructable Landscape Rock Tumbler1 year ago
    Landscape Rock Tumbler

    1) Always Add Acid To Water. This is the first rule you learn in chemistry class. My 7th grade science teacher memorably demonstrated this: He had a huge beaker set over the sink with a liter of concentrated sulfuric acid. He then dumped a couple hundred milliliters of water into the beaker. It started to boil vigorously almost immediately; and it stayed at boiling temperature for most of the class.Muriatic acid isn't too harsh to work with; I've used it (diluted) to clean mortar haze and water stains off of bricks many times. Rinse off the rocks after scrubbing with a baking soda solution (that will foam up excitingly, but is harmless), then finally rinse with water. Before disposing of the muriatic acid solution down the drain, dump in baking soda to neutralize it.

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  • bruce.desertrat commented on mikeasaurus's instructable Unusual Uses for WD-401 year ago
    Unusual Uses for WD-40

    No, it is 50% of the solution. Duct tape is the other 50% :-)

    What? No markers, permanent or otherwise, are not carcinogenic.

    I keep a couple WD-40 'markers' on hand for stickers and crayon removal, much better precise application. Aerosols always overspray too much.

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  • How to Make a $20 Router Sled

    A few coats of sealer and some paint or lacquer will protect the MDF from moisture.

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  • bruce.desertrat commented on Ollaris's instructable Making a Dead Blow Mallet1 year ago
     Making a Dead Blow Mallet

    You guys with your exotic woods 'firewood' piles. I'd dearly love to find some hornbeam in my firewood! That's a beautiful mallet, although I'd be tempted to make one face out of something like a piece of a polypropylene cutting board turned to fit, or from some milk jug stock a' la kludge77. Perhaps make an insert recess in one of the faces to hold a round of PP.That would give you one soft face to avoid denting whatever you're hitting.

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  • Converting an Old Radio Into a Spotify Streaming Box

    Very nice! I particularly like that you retained the original radio functionality!

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  • bruce.desertrat commented on Wood Yogi's instructable Marking Gauge for Woodworking2 years ago
    Marking Gauge for Woodworking

    My firewood pile :-) I did some major pruning of a couple large mesquite trees in my yard a couple years ago and got several long chunks of 4-5" diameter branches, and the Italian cypress came from a tree that died on the property a few years back. None of it is sufficient to make big things, but for small projects like this or small boxes, etc, it's great.

    This was the cypress last week after the tree service took it down. The wood smells wonderful, and is very hard and dry, since it's been standing dead for a few years. As it's cypress it's really rot and termite resistant.

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  • bruce.desertrat commented on Wood Yogi's instructable Marking Gauge for Woodworking2 years ago
    Marking Gauge for Woodworking

    That's good to know. I've got some pieces of mesquite and italian cypress at home that should be more than hard enough for this...and about 475 random assorted Allen wrenches laying about :-)

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  • bruce.desertrat commented on Wood Yogi's instructable Marking Gauge for Woodworking2 years ago
    Marking Gauge for Woodworking

    Are the threads cut into the wood by the thumbscrew sturdy enough to last? I'd put a brass threaded insert in there, personally, like one of these.

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  • DIY Build - One Sheet Plywood - 48 Bins Organizer

    That screw jig is pure genius! This would also mount easily on the wall with a french cleat setup

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  • bruce.desertrat commented on mikeandlauren's instructable DIY Powder Coated Yeti Cups2 years ago
    DIY Powder Coated Yeti Cups

    I found my old link it was on Hack-A-Day

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  • bruce.desertrat commented on mikeandlauren's instructable DIY Powder Coated Yeti Cups2 years ago
    DIY Powder Coated Yeti Cups

    I saw (a long time ago, possibly here on instructables) where someone made a powder coating booth/oven out of an old metal filing cabinet and some electric oven heater elements. IIRC they were using it to do bike frames.

    "Waste of time and waste of money" Well sure, if the only thing you could do with this was powder coat a Yeti cup...this is Q&D intro to doing something really frigging useful.

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  • Bike Pannier from Scratch Using a Home Sewing Machine

    When I made mine, I used a short 'mending plate' I got from my local Ace, fixed most of it in my vise, then hammered one end around a properly sized rod to make the J-hook. It was easy to round off the corners with a file, and if you really want plastic on the end, a small can of 'Plasti-dip' is cheap, and will find endless other uses around the home, shop and bike (like dipping the cut ends of newly installed brake and shifter cables, to keep them from fraying, because I can never find those little top-hat crimp-on ones bike shops use.

    When I made my own set a long time ago, I found a large 3-ring binder getting tossed out. The vinyl-protected covers worked very wellas stiffenes for the back, replacing your $$$ plastic. if you sandwich them into the fabric or simply rivet them on on the inside of the pannier like I did, the cardboard won't get wet and disintegrate.Those panniers lasted a long time, but eventually the already-20-year-old army surplus knapsacks I made 'em out of disintegrated from the sun :-)

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  • bruce.desertrat commented on Von Malegowski's instructable How to Make a Match Rocket2 years ago
    How to Make a Match Rocket

    Hmm... I wonder if holding the flame lower to ignite the match heads at the bottom of the stack first would work better? 'Real' solid fuel rockets like Estes engines work that way. more energy goes out the back in the form of propellant gases and less into trying to push the unlit matcheads out.

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  • Pergola Style Patio "Braai" Area

    The dog prints are a feature, not a bug :-)

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  • bruce.desertrat commented on ssterman's instructable Hardwood CNC Scrabble Board2 years ago
    Hardwood CNC Scrabble Board

    This is gorgeous

    As ssterman says a jig for a hand held router would work pretty well. If I were to do this by hand (also an entirely doable proposition...look at what craftsmen over the centuries have done with nothing more than hand tools and patience!) I would first make a custom punch/chisel of some sort to outline the squares. The same one could be used on the tiles to make the letters. An appropriately sized piece of square steel tubing would work admirably as a starting point.

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  • bruce.desertrat commented on ClenseYourPallet's instructable Hardwood Rug2 years ago
    Hardwood Rug

    One way to avoid the the 'one break and it all falls apart' problem would be to knot the twine between each piece, like they do pearls on a strand to prevent the same thing; everything falling apart. The construction method would have to be different, though to allow this, and I'm not entirely sure how to go about it; I'm just spitballing here..

    Another thing that would help (and make it more difficult to make!) is to cut a small kerf from the hole to the end of each piece for the exposed twine to set in on the outside edge pieces; that way it will be protected from wear somewhat. This is how leather stitching is done: you make a groove in the leather for the thread to rest in and it isn't worn down by things rubbing against the leather. This would also make the edges a little neater in appearance on the finished project. Now I just have to find some hardwood scraps that seem to proliferate in everyone's shop but mine :-)

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  • bruce.desertrat commented on makendo's instructable 3D Periodic Table2 years ago
    3D Periodic Table

    This is truly a magnificent display of forgotten science history, and I now have a reason to build that monster Delta printer :-)

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  • bruce.desertrat commented on mdheath's instructable Concrete and Wood Slab Table2 years ago
    Concrete and Wood Slab Table

    I was referring to your comment about adding vermiculite or perlite to the mix; Cheng's book goes into a variety of materials that have been used to lighten concrete for these uses. My copy is at home but I think they talk about adding those specific ingredients.

    There's been a lot of work done with various ingredients to make conrete lighter, for use in countertops and the like. A good place to start would be Fu-Teng Cheng's book That whole site is a valuable source of inspiration.

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  • bruce.desertrat commented on seamster's instructable Simple Welding Cart2 years ago
    Simple Welding Cart

    ROFL! Same set I got! :-)

    John Heisz has a quick tip for repurposing a carbide-tipped masonry drill for this purpose I picked up a couple little diamond wheels for my Dremel to try this.

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  • A Marking Gauge You Can't Buy

    Yes, if all you want is a marking gauge, go buy one. This one is a quality tool that will last decades, offers ample opportunity for customizing to your exact preferences and needs, gives you something useful to do with a bunch of hardwood offcuts and is an excellent skill building exercise at making precise things with your tools that will translate to greater skill at woodworking. AND you end up with a beautiful, bespoke marking gauge at the end!Buying THAT in a store is not possible.

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  • bruce.desertrat commented on MrJonesEducation's instructable Frankenstein Light Switch2 years ago
    Frankenstein Light Switch

    Looks great! Actually I should say "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! It's A Light!!!!!" :-)

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  • bruce.desertrat commented on carl5blum's instructable Triple Your Tool Storage Space!2 years ago
    Triple Your Tool Storage Space!

    The only problem with tripling your tool storage space is that you then quadruple your tools :-)

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  • bruce.desertrat commented on Nematic!'s instructable How to : Control Speed of Motor?3 years ago
    How to : Control Speed of Motor?

    I'm guessing that all that needs to be done with the Arduino or 555 controller to drive higher-voltage motors is to use the controller circuit to drive some suitable transistors? I have a beefy 90VDC motor from a treadmill I want to repurpose into a lathe drive. Using a PWM controller should let me connect it directly to the shaft since it's max rpm is higher than what I need for the lathe.

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