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  • bwelkin commented on RayP24's instructable 3D Gold Star Greeting Card8 months ago
    3D Gold Star Greeting Card

    You were absolutely right! Step 6 is the tricky part. I could never get it: going from the part where you show your wedding ring and one finger going into a folded point, then with two fingers in the point, I can't figure out how you get the tip to fold over to the outside and have an opening that runs from center to tip. (My dust bin is full of torn up frustrated pieces of paper!)

    Never mind. After being a little bit whiney about it I finally got it. Thanks

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  • bwelkin commented on clickclackclunk's instructable All About Screws12 months ago
    All About Screws

    Man! after such a great 'ible I hate to be such a nit-picker BUT... the screw is not a lever. No how - no way. It is an inclined plane. You are correct that it wedges its way along. It does work perpendicular to its force while a lever (simple) does work opposite to its force. More here:

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  • bwelkin commented on abzza's instructable Tales From the Chip: LM386 Audio Amplifier1 year ago
    Tales From the Chip: LM386 Audio Amplifier

    One more interesting factoid: a 3Db increase is the least volume increase the the human ear can discern. Double the power and you barely hear the difference.

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  • bwelkin commented on a-morpheus's instructable Undead Pan1 year ago
    Undead Pan

    I find it curious that you reference Serious Eats to support not using flaxseed oil when that very article points to this page for reconditioning cast iron:"Nick prefers using flax seed oil...."Not everyone believes in science, of course, and experience can lock one in, and resistant to change.

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    Hi,Nice ible... The symptom that brings you to this point is slow draining of water in the bowl. However, a clogged P-trap is not the only possibility. If, as another commenter posted, this doesn't fix your slow-drain situation you may have a plugged vent. The reason for the P-trap is to prevent the awful odors of your septic/wastewater system coming back up the pipe. A vent pipe - usually well hidden in the walls - prevents a vacuum from forming as the water moves past the trap. To clear a vent (which can be clogged by bird nests and other airborne debris) you have to go up on the roof where you'll see several of them - one for various sections of your household plumbing system. Use a snake (you can rent) or try flushing with a garden hose or poking with a (very) long stick. Good Luck!

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  • bwelkin made the instructable Easy Soft and Chewy Peanut Butter Cookies2 years ago
    Easy Soft and Chewy Peanut Butter Cookies

    OK, this came over the transom and I had to make em. Recipe made a few over twenty-five. I turned some over to show how dark the bottoms were; this was with eleven minutes cooking (8+2+1more) and perhaps could have gone a bit more. They are soft not crispy. Thanks.

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  • bwelkin commented on CCX191's instructable Make an Electric Motor2 years ago
    Make an Electric Motor

    In your drawing, one end of each coil goes to a segment of the commutator. Where does the other end go? tks

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  • bwelkin commented on AlexAndAmigos's instructable Easy-to-make Paper Biplane Glider3 years ago
    Easy-to-make Paper Biplane Glider

    Not to be unkind but I'm missing a LOT on this one. A bi-plane typically has two wings one above the other. Regardless, I don't get the folding: when I look at what I think is the bottom of the fuselage I see four longitudinal folds all the same way and not very precise. Later under Step 2 I see a kind of gouge in the paper - or maybe a wad of glue.Please refine this a bit (many more pictures would help) and I'll attempt to make it - then decide whether to vote for it.

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  • bwelkin commented on noahw's instructable 5 Ways to Clean a Funky Water Bottle3 years ago
    5 Ways to Clean a Funky Water Bottle

    Add smallest BBs (or steel "shot") to any soaking solution and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE (etc etc etc and on and on and on......) or add good clean play sand and repeat step one (SHAKE ......)

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