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  • cartersr commented on Make_Things's instructable Table Saw Blade Gauge8 weeks ago
    Table Saw Blade Gauge

    Absolutely great idea!I must agree with most comments with regard to safety... It's not a good example to anyone without advanced knowledge about the dangers of power tools and especially the lack of a push block on the table saw. Even a wider cut is capable of severe bodily injury during a kickback or a slip. Use the right tools and send a clear message to all that you are safe first."The most common injuries associated with blade contact are amputations, fractures, lacerations and avulsions. According to the CPSC, the medical costs associated with table saw injuries is approximately $2.360 billion per year, which is a societal cost of $35,000.00 for every single blade contact injury."

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  • cartersr commented on bilesl's forum topic Right glue for the job6 months ago

    The most critical step is to ensure a clean surface on the tile and the floor. The original glue or adhesive released due to a failure between the two surfaces. Concrete is notorious to emit efflorescence especially from concrete surfacing products. It may also need to be cleaned with a vinegar to balance the ph.

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