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  • chemicalvamp commented on Tatterhood's instructable Ryuk Costume1 year ago
    Ryuk Costume

    4 years ago, I favorited this 'able and I just noticed I never left a comment.. But hey now I can assuredly say that it's the best looking Ryuk I've seen in at least 4 years. So long as we don't include the actual Death Note art. Hope your still proud :D

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  • Arduino Voltmeter (Cars Battery Measurement System)

    I really enjoyed reading through this 'able!You say "Please do not measure higher voltage than 12V!" But a fully charged car battery is about 12.6V. 13V still isn't really an acceptable maximum either, 14.4 is what I've got with my car idling, And i say this because I don't think there are many arduino tinkerers without a voltmeter. So IMO this application would be best as 'build and implant into your car' where you could print the output to an LCD or send it through bluetooth.And you're so very close to meeting the 10-15V range, You could easily if, you again apply yourself.

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  • chemicalvamp commented on JON-A-TRON's instructable 3D Printed Linear Motion2 years ago
    3D Printed Linear Motion

    Girlfriend asked me to print one for her.. Of course I said no. Lol

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  • chemicalvamp commented on 陳亮's instructable Circuit Visualization2 years ago
    Circuit Visualization

    A transparent and easy to understand implementation of an INA219 current and volt meter using an ATmega85 arduino compatible micro controller. I would use this to test the power draw and energy consumption of my other arduino projects. But it looks nice enough for me to leave out on my desk.

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  • chemicalvamp commented on NemesisC's instructable How to Desolder Headers 2 years ago
    How to Desolder Headers

    I used to do a similar process, but using a vice grips for weight to pull the pins out, falling on my feet or worse :) I found that the solder suckers available pretty cheap do a better job, There are tricks; Apply a bit more solder first, it will have better results clearing solder through the hole from a 'syphon' effect. Don't try to remove the iron quickly and line up the sucker, just get the solder liquid and place the sucker down to the side of the iron. I hope this helps you with your own desoldering projects!

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