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  • How to Make Your Own Sugru Substitute

    Recognise that Sugru has some special heat resistant properties that Oogoo may not have. I have used Sugru, successfully, to repair a car radiator. Oogoo, I'm sure, could not handle the heat.

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  • corieltauvus commented on ChristinaS151's instructable Makramee Flower Hanger1 year ago
    Makramee Flower Hanger

    A very nice (and well explained) beginner's project. As an old sailor I made many different articles using decorative knots. However I beg tho point out that the craft is Macrame with an acute accent on the last 'e'. Pronounced mac-ram-eh.Apart from it's seafaring origins this was a very popular craft in the 60s and 70s. Nice if it comes back.

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