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  • 8x8x8 LED Cube Kit Instructions (Kits on Ebay)

    Hi, the problem with WAAY too many 8's, is that most of them are from China. Due to this fact, the instructions are very hard to follow, nevertheless, understand. What he has done, with a project that is sold via Amazon and Ebay, is taken something to the next level, a level we all need to duplicate. There are many projects with 4's or 8's out there, but unless you have the instructions and/or code, so be it. I bought a 8 on instructions...and the link to the code did not work. Bad experience. What he has done is impressive. I have 3 of these of my Xmas gifts I bought via Ebay. They were all different sellers and it was the same product. What he has done is given me enough to build all 3 in time for the Merry Day. I thank him highly for that. The effort is amazing. USN(Ret) 73-95

    I agree that he stated that the ceramic caps were resistors but he just got done referencing those 8 resistors (510 ohms). Normal whoops. His solder in the video is fine for the kit. He more than likely would not pass an IPC cert but as long as he is not shorting/bridging, then no big deal. Not too many people these days have discrete soldering experience, I do and it has helped immensely with SMT. I am certified. Miniature and Microminiature certified USN 73-95, and IPC cert through Space. Been there, done that. I would like to see your videos.

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