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  • cryogenius commented on ronnietucker's instructable Acrylic Pour Painting - on a Budget7 months ago
    Acrylic Pour Painting - on a Budget

    But there are support groups online to deal with the addiction. They help you to manage your life by making the dependence even more affordable. There are also other directions this habit can go - search "Colander Pour" and "lazy Susan pour" and "dirty pour with string art" and "dirty pour swipe with wet paper towel." These activities provide a lifetime supply of dopamine - on the cheap!

    I do this on wood or MDF (medium density fiberboard), and instead of using gesso I just start with a coat of latex house paint and let it dry. Also, I use a heat gun instead of the butane torch - I have a torch but the electric heat gun is more convenient and seems to be just as effective. The Golden Rule you state is right on. I have a good success rate, but my failures are generally from moving the paint around too much after the pour.

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  • cryogenius commented on ToHate-59's instructable Han in Carbonite - Scratch Built1 year ago
    Han in Carbonite - Scratch Built

    Wow, great work! Question: Could you use the method you used for the hands on your face too? Of course you would do the trick of putting straws in the nose to breathe through. I think it would be a neat way to do a self-portrait.

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  • cryogenius made the instructable Custom Painted Car Graphics2 years ago
    Custom Painted Car Graphics

    I used your method to do the graphic below. This was my first attempt and I used Rustoleum paint because it was easier to find. Big mistake. I had paint crinkling problems the whole time. Not only that, but in my wisdom I thought that a clear coat would help hide the crinkling effects. It caused them where I did not have them before! You can bet that I will be using Montana next time, paying close attention to the instructions on the can, and foregoing any clear coat! However, in spite of paint difficulties, the masking tape stencils worked very well.

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