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  • cyberpigue commented on Kipkay's instructable Covert Spy Sunglasses3 years ago
    Covert Spy Sunglasses

    Nice job. Keeping the mind employed is always worth the effort. I tear apart and repair cheap $13 fans before I go get a new one. With my time and labor it's not as cheap as a new one, but it is improved and more durable afterwards. You keep right on making whatever you want and filter out all of the negative comments.

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  • Remove Bushes and Stumps the Easy Way with a Farm Jack (AKA Hi-Lift Jack)

    One thing I learned about removing trees is that if you burn the pile of cut limbs right over the stump - let it get really hot with a leaf blower feeding air on low - it will actually burn down under ground to the roots. Just till in the ashes and you have a pretty nice spot ready to plant grass.

    It's needed to keep the jack from just tipping over. For some things you can manage to hold the jack upright wit your own strength, for others, it's too much pressure to hold.

    They are also great for pulling fence posts. Don't need the tripod as you can allow the top of the jack to rest against the post itself. I've had days where I pulled twenty or more posts this way and never felt fatigued.It also works great for pulling well pipe.One other tip for either, buy a high strength hook and attach it to the jack foot with a hardened bolt. The one I use grabs my chain perfectly - just wrap the chain around what you are pulling and the tension self tightens it. For pulling pipe, just pull, hold, slide chain down, pull, hold, slide chain down, etc....

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  • cyberpigue commented on mikeasaurus's instructable screwdriver car key3 years ago
    screwdriver car key

    I have one for my 67 GMC pickup. Since there are no "wings" on the switch I just have the skinny part of the key sticking out. Funny when opening the door and looks great in the ignition.

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