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  • dandcbelako commented on nativewater's instructable Build a Greenland Kayak2 years ago
    Build a Greenland Kayak

    I must be missing something obvious because I haven't seen anyone else ask about carving the masik. I'm starting with a clear douglas fir 2'x4'. How far into the gunwales does the masik sit? what is the width measurement across the top? I noticed that the shape of the masik from the gunwales to the top seems to be a cocave curve. Is there a purpose for this? I've seen other masiks which are convex across the top. Also, My thigh to floor measurement is 51/2". Is one inch clearance going to be enough to get into the boat. I realize that this is a customized fit. I am an experienced paddler with a couple of Greenland rolls under my belt. Thanks for any info that you can provide.

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