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  • dauhen commented on imsmooth's instructable Nitrogen Gas Generator1 year ago
    Nitrogen Gas Generator

    Can you review the throughput equations? It seems that 650g/l for CMS vs 2250g/l density of carbon puts your carbon "fill" at 28.9%. 40kg of CMS fills a volume of 61 liters. That means there is 43.7 liters of space for the gas. At 130psi this is 370 standard liters or 13.1 SCF. The cycle is one minute so you are processing 13.1 SCFM air. Air is 78% N2 so your input rate is 10.2 SCFM N2. The output of 1.05 SCFM N2 seems low in comparison to the input rate. Is there a theoretical maximum separation efficiency?

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