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  • davidgr58145664 commented on guyfrom7up's instructable Free Energy3 years ago
    Free Energy

    haha just look at fukushima, it worked alright and wasn't tesla signalling to his explorer mate who was on the way to the north pole, shackleton wasn't it. The villagers in Siberia reported seeing a body of light in the shape of a pipe as well as a series of airwaves picked up on microbarographs over the course of an hour at 5.14 am that were dotted around England.I was searching for information on generating electricity with copper and carbon and came across this website, apparently Tesla said to Edison your electrical towers won't work as all you have to do is put a copper pipe in the ground and you can get electricity don't know if anyone can throw any light on this? the friction created between the copper and carbon is meant to generate the electric

    that is based on Emil Jahrs 1905 patent isn't it?

    yeah and there's no cure for cancer either they get you on the definition of free. of course you cannot make something out of nothing but you can use other means of generating it like copper and zinc. or maybe copper and carbon. and the answer to a cure for cancer is that the rockerfellers took the doctors who were curing people with cancer to court and lost when the doctors proved they could cure cancer,as did Dr Sebi in 1988. cancer is just a microbe this was proven by Royal Raymond and his rife generator and microscope

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