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  • ddoingwell commented on rodski's instructable PowerBanks "How It Works"4 months ago
    PowerBanks  "How It Works"

    Thanks very much. My research is going well and soon I'll have a very portable, light-weight mixer rig for my busking. There are USB powered mixers on the market and I have a good one that I use for home recording that will be my firts "test" mixer. Plus, I've already made myself a 24volt TPA6113 based mono amplifier for my passive speaker according to an instructable post so I'm learning, slow but sure. Thanks again

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  • ddoingwell commented on dan's instructable Off-Grid Party Sound Systems2 years ago
    Off-Grid Party Sound Systems

    the other thing that might affect your output volume is your source. If you're using a phone or iPod for your source you may need to pump up the signal with some kind of mixer. Don't buy anything else until you're sure though as you might not be getting the best bang-for-buck without doing some research. I hope my comments are helpful. Good luck

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