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  • dellenwood07 commented on Laurex2002's instructable Firekit3 years ago

    I didn't know Duct tape could be used as tinder, But thanks great ideas!!!

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  • dellenwood07 commented on C Ostler's instructable Shower-in-a-Bucket3 years ago

    Graet Idea, Thanks for sharing! I made a simple gravity shower out of a Home Deot bucket by drilling a 3/4 inch hole close to the bottom and inserted a cheap shower head with a turn off valve in the line. Find a tree near the campsite to put your privacy tent, And cut off a low small branch to hang the bucket. Yours is a great idea for camping near a river or stream where there are little or no trees. Or just a stand alone shower in a 4x4 privacy tent near the site, to keep young kids close by..Again thanks for sharing!

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