I work with the tools I have: brains, heart, hands, Taig Lathe, Arc (stick) welder, grinder, etc and cruise tool catalogues dreaming of what I wish I had. I've been blessed to see"the elephant inside the block of marble" and collect useful junk for that reason. I've always more projects going than time available, and an ever increasing pile of books to read. One day I'll complete my projects... one day... but enough about me - how about You?

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  • desbromilow commented on IJustLikeMakingThings's instructable Knife Grinding Jig6 months ago
    Knife Grinding Jig

    to reduce the thread turning easily, simply drill a cross hole to make whipper snipper cord (strimmer line) and insert a length in so it rubs on the side of the thread - if needed you can then put a smaller screew/ bolt in to increased the force of the strimmer line against the thread to further reduce moevemnt, but without marking up your thread.

    I've seen it used in a number of model engineering groups - it has the advantage/ principle of a "nylock nut", but built in where you want it. Some people place the strimmer line at right angles to the thread, other people drill a hole parallel to the axis which intersects the thread profile and do it that way (this second method is not adjustable for pressure)

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  • Save Your Life With the Building Collapse Monitor

    What is the sensor you are using in this application? Looking on the flexforce webpage, the sensors appear to be for measuring point loads, whereas in this application you would be looking for longitudinal dimension changes (flexing, or elongation)Are you able to provide a part number for the sensor? Thanks.

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