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  • Hi, Aaron Could you include a photo of the plant, with leaves and fruit, please? I'm assuming you are using staghorn sumac (Rhus typhina L.), but common names for plants are always tricky. You certainly wouldn't want someone to use poison sumac -- poison ivy's even nastier cousin [Toxicodendron vernix (L.) Kuntze]. Thanks!PS Googling turned up this 2007 Instructable on how to make a willow whistle., while you're scouting your staghorn sumac tree, remember to pick some of the fuzzy red fruit to make sumac lemonade/tea:

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  • Your point about checking building codes is really important -- and so is thinking about the safety of all potential users of the deck. A guy who built a deck for us some years back had to re-do all the railings because the distance between the supports didn't match the city code. The required distance was designed to keep toddlers from falling off the deck and from getting their heads caught between the supports.

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  • didactable commented on audreyobscura's instructable The Deleafer

    I use my plastic spaghetti fork the same way -- either through the tines, or through the drain hole at the bottom.

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  • 1) I put socks on the wooden legs of a heavy bed to make it easier to slide on a wooden floor. 2) To pull out poison ivy, I wrap my hands in several layers of plastic bags and hold them in place with arm sleeves made from old socks. All the plastic bags and socks get thrown out with the poison ivy. (I am very sensitive to poison ivy, so I use Tecnu afterwards.)

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